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Goaltender Data Subscription Package

1. Goaltender Game Report

 Includes :  HML - EXP. Goals. Shots, Score. etc .

Goaltender Report Card - 

Overall Ranks

Shot Type Ranks

Team Environment

Score Effect Stat

sv% = Exp sv% - Diff Rank

exp. Goals, actual, rDiff Rank -

Location of Goals???  in percentages?

2. Goaltender Shot type Rankings - TOP 5 Bottom 5

CS shots

Slot Line Shots


Net Plays 


Broken Plays

Odd Man

Zone Plays

3. Goaltender Customizer - Switch goaltenders for expected output from past games? or how they are playing now for future games

4.  Goaltender Matchup

5. Blog Spot - Weekly

Viedo VLog - once per month

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