Clear Sight Analytics is changing the game of hockey with cutting-edge team and player based performance data built around the quality of scoring chances.


CSA’s proprietary methodology systematically catalogs every shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal for every game played in the NHL, using 34 individual standardized points of data, including:


  • Passer

  • Passer location

  • Shooter

  • Shooter location

  • Offensive situation (i.e., man advantage/even strength, odd man rush/settled offense and face offs)

  • Screens

  • Deflections

  • Broken plays


And of course RESULTS including: 

  • Rebounds

  • Whistles

  • Goals 



This proprietary methodology allows CSA to accurately categorize each and every shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal by type, creating the definitive measure of a scoring chance—the actual probability of scoring.  CSA has analyzed more than 250,000 shot sequences resulting in a shot on goal—more than 8 million individual points of data, creating a new generation of team and player performance metrics that will change how you see the game.  This is hockey in Clear Sight.

CSA’s growing suite of syndicated data subscription services, including Game Notes, Game Reports, Team Performance Reports and Player Performance Reports, serve several markets, including professional hockey programs, broadcast media companies, scouting services and fantasy sports platforms.  CSA’s rapidly expanding roster of client list includes the 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals.

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