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Steve Valiquette is President and Chief Executive Officer for Clear Sight Analytics.  Steve is the inventor of the company’s proprietary technology and oversees strategic direction.  Steve was previously an NHL goaltender and NHL goaltending consultant and is today an NHL Studio Analyst on MSG Networks.

James Ring-Howell is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Clear Sight Analytics. James is responsible for developing and implementing the technology that powers the company’s analytics. He previously served as President of a leading application development and digital design studio.

Nolan Schaefer is Vice President for Product Development at Clear Sight Analytics. Nolan is responsible for overseeing the company’s product roadmap and coordinating product development. He was previously an NHL goaltender and goaltending consultant.

John Healy is Vice President for Data Collection at Clear Sight Analytics. John is responsible for overseeing the collection of game data.  He was previously a QJMHL Scout and a writer for the U.S. Hockey Report.

Thomas J. Niglio  is the VP of Technology Strategy for Clear Sight Analytics. He has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering with a Masters in Organizational Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. TJ has a passion for technology and has been in the industry for 16 years.



Zakariaz Gerhard  is the VP of Data Science at Clear Sight Analytics. Originally born in Solna, Sweden, he moved to the USA in 1996. Zak has architected business intelligence and business process platforms for a global $3B company.

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