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CSA Hockey Training System

CSA is changing the game of hockey with cutting edge team and player-based performance data built around the actual quality of scoring chances. CSA’s proprietary methodology systematically catalogs every shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal for every game played in the NHL, using 34 individual standardized points of data including for example, passer, passer location, shooter, shooter location, offensive situation, screens, deflections, broken plays, and the results of the shot sequence, including rebounds, whistles, and goals. 

CSA also licenses its CSA Hockey Training System, a hockey education and training program designed to develop a player’s skills at manipulating the variables that actually impact the quality of a scoring chance and thus the probability of scoring a goal. CSA licenses the CSA Hockey Training System to professional, amateur, educational, and youth organizations, as well as to hockey camp programs operating around the world.

The CSA Hockey Training System is built around a key premise:  Not all scoring chances are created equal.  CSA data conclusively demonstrates that the vast majority of all scoring chances in the game of hockey are the product of low percentage shots that have less than a 3% chance of actually resulting in a goal scored.  CSA data also demonstrates that the main variables affecting the quality of a scoring chance—that is, the actual probability of scoring a goal—are:

  • The location of the passer

  • The location of the shooter

  • The time elapsed while the puck travels from passer to shooter and the time elapsed between the puck on the stick and the release of a shot

  • Goaltender movement (head trajectory, eyes, and body position) and the availability of clear sight to the puck

  • Whether the shot is itself the result of a secondary scoring chance 

The CSA Hockey Training System is designed to educate players on the importance of each of the primary variables that impact the quality of scoring chances, and to develop and enhance the on ice skills necessary for a player to shift those variables in their favor, create higher percentage scoring chances, generate more scoring, assists, and ultimately score more goals. 


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